Monday, April 19, 2010

ISRO’s cryogenic fuel mission fails...

India’s effort at joining the elite club of space faring nations with indigenous cryogenic fuel technology hit a roadblock on Thursday as the geo-synchornous satellite launch vehicle (GSLV-D3) carrying the geo-stationary experimental satellite (GSAT-4) ‘deviated’ from its path.
Only five countries - United States, Russia, France, Japan and China - have the cryogenic engine upper stage technology to launch heavier satellites in geostationary orbit.
India is the sixth country to design and develop the cryogenic technology.
Indigenous development of cryogenic stage was taken up in 1996 for achieving self-reliance in cryogenic propulsion technology.
“Cryogenic technology involves the use of super-cooled liquid fuel to launch heavy rockets like GSLV with the fuel being a mix of liquid hydrogen and oxygen. Launching rockets with liquid fuel of the cryogenic kind has never been easy and Isro will do it this time on its own with the stage and engine developed by itself,”.
On OCT 28 - PTI has reported that India has completed qualification of indigenously-developed powerful cryogenic engine used in rockets to launch satellites in geostationary orbits, 36,000 kms above the earth, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said.
ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair said, delivering the thirty-second foundation day lecture on `Space Technology Development - Management Perspective' at the Indian Institute of Management that "We have completed the qualification of indigenous cryogenic engines".
The indigenous cryogenic upper stage (engine) has been developed to replace Russian-supplied cryogenic stage in the GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle).
"It (cryogenic engine developed by India) is as good as the Russian one", Nair said adding ISRO would soon flight-test the engine.
After all these claims where it went wrong???
All the best for the Indian space technology...


santosh said...

Its a beautiful piece of information in the field of crygonecic technology.

Manish said...

Nice to read this blog about the failure of the cryogenic engine. Definetely its a set back for the indian space mission. But we need to learn from the mistakes. We can not take the things granted, It has to be tested in all the conditions. Dealing with the fuel at such a low temperatre is really a complex and challenging. It has been reported that The fuel did'nt ignite at the vaccum, Why this were not testd earlier!!! If we don'nt have facility in India it can be done outside if not US then Russia. Hope we will come back strong and prove our competence. Good luck INDIA!!!!